How To Avoid Risks At Hotel Rooms

When we book a hotel room for our trip we all look forward to relax, and not having to make the bed in the morning. At the same time, has it ever crossed your mind that you should be cautious of your surroundings while at the hotel? Especially when you are in […]

8 Ways To Secure Your Home While You Travel

Going on a family holiday for few weeks is great and refreshing. However, having your home broken into while you are away is a scary thought. The loss of your personal belongings and a ruined house is not the news we like to hear while enjoying a nice holiday or upon arrival […]

How To Choose The Right Travel Companion

While traveling solo is a great experience, some trips are more enjoyable and cost effective when traveling with a travel companion. Choosing the right travel companion to share your trip is not an easy task though. What’s more, traveling with an incompatible travel buddy can really ruin your holiday too. The good […]

How To Make Travel Complaints?

As a traveler, I have come across few times to make travel complaints about travel companies or airlines. I must say, I was satisfied 95% of the time with the customer service I received when booking flights or checking into hotels. However, that negative 5% of the time made me want to […]

Track All Your Loyalty Points With AwardWallet

How good are you at tracking your air miles, hotel privilege points, rental car rewards and various other loyalty points? These are usually few of the loyalty program cards we can never find when we need it. Worst of all, some of us have no knowledge of it until the rewards expire. […]