How To Avoid Travel Fatigue When You Travel

Traveling is often great, whether it is a vacation or a business trip. However not everyone is used to traveling back and forth and between multiple time zones. So they get tired and grumpy easily. This is know as travel fatigue. It affects memory, performance and digestive functions. As a result it leads to stress, irritability and sleep deprivation. Good news is, the causes of travel fatigue can be eliminated easily with few simple strategies. They are listed below so you can follow them when you travel to a different time zone next.

Tips To Avoid Travel Fatigue

Travel Fatigue

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1. Be Organized For Your Trip

Planing and organizing is the first rule, if you don’t want to experience fatigue. If you are organized, you can easily avoid unpleasant surprises such as missed flights and lack of accommodation at your destination. Such situations cause stress, which drains your energy level greatly.

2. Eat Right

Carbohydrates tend to promote sleepiness, so eat some cookies before your nap on a long journey. Protein, on the other hand helps with alertness. So eat some eggs, cheese and salads, if you need an energy boost after a short flight to do a business presentation. This will keep you awake, alert and healthy.

3. Close Your Eyes Regularly

Try getting a regular dose of shuteye when you are traveling. If you have to wait hours on transit, instead of walking around the airport, take a short nap or keep your eyes closed. This will relax your mind and body.

4. Long Drives

If you can’t avoid having to drive long distances during your travels, it is important to be alert while driving. The best thing for such trips is to have caffeine-rich drinks such as coffee or energy drinks. It is best to avoid carbohydrate-rich heavy meal before the drive.

5. Stimulate Your Mind

When there is nothing to stimulate our minds, we get bored, which can lead to feeling grumpy. And we can’t always sleep as well. At those times, to keep yourself stimulated you can listen to music, read a great book or even have a conversation with a fellow traveler.

6. Limit Alcohol Intake

Enjoying a glass of wine while on the plane sure is nice. It may even help you sleep better. However, too much alcohol in your system can disrupt your sleep waves and prevent your body from reaching the REM (rapid eye moment) sleep. Not to mention you might become a nuisance to other passengers as well.

7. Do Some Light Exercises

Once you reach your destination, getting outdoors for a walk in the sunlight can help refresh you. It will speed your adaptation to the new time zone or environment. Light exercises can also help reduce stress and tiredness.

Remember, to avoid travel fatigue both physiology and psychology functions should be properly taken care of. Follow these tips for your next trip and enjoy it to the maximum.

2 Responses to “How To Avoid Travel Fatigue When You Travel”

  1. Shamis says:

    I’ve felt the jetlag more the other way. Perhaps it was due to my trips being from west to east where I was all excited about the destination :) Thanks for your comment!
    Shamis recently posted..Fun And Exciting Travel JobsMy Profile

  2. Medieval says:


    Some good tips there and I think that your second point diet when traveling is very important, its specially easy to get dehydrated on a long flight. Oddly enough,I’ve always found that I suffer more from jetlag when traveling east than when I travel west. For some reason it seems to take longer to adapt to the right sleep pattern!