World’s Best Underwater Experiences

Ever dream of under experiences in the ocean like a little Mermaid? How about a nice meal under the ocean while the fish swim right pass by you? If underwater experiences like this is what you have been looking for here is some good news for you. Underwater hotels and restaurants are […]

Poisonous Snakes Occupied Snake Island in Brazil

Off the shore of beautiful Brazil is Ilha de Queimada Grande or the Snake Island to be more precise. It is untouched by humans and for a very good reason. This exotic island in Brazil is inhabited by deadly and poisonous snakes with the worst venom in the world! Researches say that […]

Fish And Wildlife Conservation In USA

“To conserve, protect and enhance wildlife and their habitats” – this is something you don’t hear everyday but the awareness of wildlife and its conservation is becoming more and more popular. Wildlife conservation ensures that it will be around for future generations to enjoy while educating the importance of wildlife. Many nations […]

Travel Photo: Monkey Visitor

You never know who will come knocking at your door, or in this case who will be in your backyard playing on top of the trees. I had the pleasure of capturing this monkey playing on top of a papaya tree one afternoon. These monkeys are called Toque Monkeys, and they are […]

Great Reasons And Benefits of A Wildlife Travel

If you like to explore your wildlife horizons, why not embark yourself in a wildlife travel this year instead of the beach? Wildlife travels are always exciting and could even give you thrills beyond expectation. It can surely lead to incredible travel memories that will be remembered and shared with family and […]