How To Be Fashionable When You Travel To Europe

Traveling To Europe anytime soon? OK stop, don’t just grab the cloths in your closet and pack. There is more to packing for Europe than you can imagine, grasshopper. Europeans have a classy way of presenting themselves. Look at James Bond for example. If not anything, he is smartly dressed be it […]

5 Things You Should NOT Buy From Duty Free Shops

When I first started traveling, I was under the impression that Duty Free Shops were a bargain. However, according to a story on CNN, bargains might not always be the case when you shop at airports. As such, it is best to do some research before you shop on your travels. I […]

Top 8 Safest Airlines To Fly In The USA

On our travel by air, we tend to choose the safest airlines to fly. In fact, traveling by airplanes has recorded the lowest rates of accidents compared to other means of transportation. Reports show that the probability of a person dying from an air plane crash is one for every 4 million […]

Best Bakeries In The World That Sell Delicious Pastries

I’m a big fan of best bakeries in the world. That is why I make it a point to taste pastries from different bakeries especially when I travel to different cities or countries. Besides, there’s nothing more fulfilling than bumping in to a bakery that sells fresh, mouth watering pastries when you’re […]

Which Travel Hat Do You Wear?

All of us travelers have many things in common like our luggage, sunscreen, cameras and passion for traveling. However, if we take a closer look at each traveler, we can see our motives are different. Most of the time we choose our destinations depending on that. Other times we become a certain […]