Dinner In The Sky At The Amazing Hanging Restaurant

Dinner In The Sky Hanging Restaurant

How would you like to have your dinner in the sky? No, this is not a joke and yes, it will be a unique dining experience – guaranteed! This is probably something you never thought of doing of knew you could do such a thing. Now you can have your breakfast, lunch, […]

Lanka Challenge, A Rich Wildlife and Scenic Beauty to Explore

For a small island Sri Lanka sure has a lot to offer. A variety of wonderful places to explore, from the beautiful coastlines and beaches to the tea plantations, lush rainforests and the villages in the hills… and the list goes on and on.
What better way to explore these amazing things in […]

Super Honeymoon Ideas for Budget Honeymooners


Planning a honeymoon can be as exciting as planning a wedding! A few lucky couples are given a honeymoon package as their wedding present. Some others have the financial means to travel to a romantic honeymoon destination of their choice. For most of us, the all inclusive Hawaii or Jamaica trip is […]

Adorable Tiger Cub Found Hidden in a Suitcase

We all love animals but sometimes people go to the wrong extreme when it comes to making a few dollars with animals. This story is of such extreme.
Airport authorities at Bangkok’s International Airport has recently arrested a woman after finding a live tiger cub being drugged and hidden among stuffed toy tiger […]

How Best to Care for Your Skin When Under The Sun

Many of us wait for the weather to be sunny to pack our swim suits and take a trip to the beach! One thing we put in our bags is the sunscreen, and we like to think that we are up-to-date with the latest sunscreen information. But how much do we actually […]