Tips To Have The Best Dining Experience While You Travel

As much as I love to travel around the world, I love to try different kinds of food. There is so much choice out there from traditional restaurants with home-cooked meals to modern restaurants with food that you can look and be amazed. With all the advancements in restaurants, it can be […]

Ongoing Airport Security Madness

There has been so much of talk in the past month or so about airport security. It would be nice to see the end of airport security rules like having to remove your shoes, the limit of liquids to carry and the newest rule – to arrive at the airport three hours […]

Travel Photo: Glowing Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner and you will see amazing Christmas trees decorated with ornaments and lights where ever you go…be it at the Mall or at a friends’ house. After all, this is the season to be festive! Here is a picture of my own little Christmas tree that I decorate […]

Great Cities To Celebrate New Years Eve With Style

Fireworks In Hong Kong

Once the Christmas is done, we all look forward to celebrate the New Years Eve. There are lot of ways to welcome the New Year. Sitting in front of the TV with popcorn and watching the countdown would be the boring one. However, for excitement seekers, I rounded up some great cities […]

Landmark London Hotel Launches Its Very Own iPhone App

Technology makes lives easier, and especially for travelers these days. Introducing another technology wonder to the traveling world – The Landmark London has launched its very own app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It was designed as a guide to the hotel’s amenities and surrounding areas to help […]