How To Stay Warm During Your Winter Travels

Holiday season call for winter travels. However, traveling during the winter holidays is quite difficult due to low temperatures. If you are a traveler visiting from warm or less cold countries during winter season, you should know how to stay warm. Unfortunately mother nature will not shut down the cold factor to […]

Christmas Markets In Canada

It is that wonder time of the year again, Christmas! Whether you are decorating the family Christmas tree or putting out the lights, preparations are going around the world and in your city to make this year’s Christmas as festive as possible. The image of being  with our loved ones during the […]

Airport Security Scanner: New Underwear To The Rescue

Airport security scanner, don’t be alarmed.I have some fabulous news for passengers who are concerned about what is revealed on security scanner at airports. It is a company that specializes in keeping your private parts ‘private’ while going through the new invasive security scanners that gives the ‘no underwear’ feeling. Las Vegas […]

Travel Photo: Beautiful And Colorful Fish

Unless you go scuba diving, one other place to see some beautiful and colorful fish are at the aquarium. I saw these vibrant fish at the National Zoo of Sri Lanka. I thought it was the lights that made them this colorful but it was just the fish themselves. Beautiful, aren’t they?
Colorful […]

Things At Airports That Annoy Me The Most

As much as I enjoy flying and being in the air, airports are not on top of my list. They tend to stress and annoy me at times. The list goes on about airports, everything fr waiting in line to check in to snobby airline counter agents. When I’m at the airport, […]