Learning A Language To Help Your Travels

We all know that learning a language can be tough. Reading a 500 page book on how to speak a foreign language can be overwhelming. And if you don’t have much interest in learning a language, learning grammar and memorizing new vocabulary will not be fun either. However it would be beneficial […]

Earthquake In New Zealand Hits Christchurch City

A devastating and massive earthquake has hit New Zealand in the city of Christchurch on February 21st, 2011. A magnitude of 6.3 which killed at least 65 people, and many buildings have collapsed onto victims. Fire rescuers have dug through the rubble overnight and reports that there might be more people trapped […]

Enjoy Airport Lounges When You Travel

The first VIP airport lounge was launched in 1936 to reward the best customers of American Airlines by then Chairman – C.R Smith. Back then membership was exclusive and was under the discretion of the airline. This is an However, it has changed since. Anyone with enough money can join some of […]

Connect With Fellow Travelers In Youth Hostels

Green Hostel

Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are so popular, a great percentage of us use it at least few times each week. These social networks allow us to share information and travel photos with family, friends, coworkers and other acquaintances. To add to that, we have mobile device apps that can […]

Olive Garden: Italian Restaurant With Delicious Italian Food

Lately I have been craving for Italian food and remembered an Italian restaurant that I often went to in Toronto. This restaurant is no other than Olive Garden. Founded in 1982, it is owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc., which is the largest casual dining Italian restaurant company in the world. This Italian […]