Benefits of iPad 2 For Travelers

Apple being an innovative technology company set the bar high for mobile technology when they released iPhone and iPad. Millions of people across the globe has come to love Apple products including their line of mobile products. It is about time for Apple iPad 2 to come along with upgrades and of […]

Travel Photo: Lord Buddha Statue On Elephant Rock

As we travel the world, we see spectacular buildings, architecture, art, and statues. While I was traveling in Sri Lanka, I had the opportunity to see a statue that was beyond my imagination. I was in the city of Kurunegala – an ancient Royal capital of Sri Lanka for 50 years in […]

Wearable Hands-Free Camcorder For Your Next Trip

Looxcie Wearable Camcorder

I love to record memories and moments on my camcorder whenever I travel. I bet other travelers love the same other than capturing travel photos. But sometimes carrying a camcorder is difficult. Especially when your hands get tired carrying the camcorder or when you are sipping a drink by the pool. Well […]

Delta Airlines Worker Charged With Impersonating A Federal Marshal

Not everyone love their job and some just pick a day to be someone they are not. That is just what a Delta Airline ramp worker decided to do at the Logan International Airport in Boston, USA. It could be OK to pretend as a Fashion Designer or a Chef. However, this […]

Important Street Smarts And Safety Travel Tips

Although I have traveled to different parts of the world without troubles, I knew quite a bit street smarts travel tips and safety travel tips. Mainly because I used to travel as a child so I think what my parents talked and did got in to my mind from the early days. […]