Amazing Houses Around The World

As kids, we often picture ourselves living in amazing houses that are perfect with a picket fence and a nice garden. Some dream of living in a castle and others dream of living on the moon. The imagination is endless when we are small, and living in such amazing houses would absolutely […]

Lily’s Kitchen, London – The Restaurant For Dogs

Have you heard of any restaurants for dogs? I sure did not, until recently. Lily’s Kitchen is one such restaurant for our pet dogs that was opened recently in London’s upscale Belgravia neighborhood. So what’s the scoop of this place, you might ask? Your four legged friends get a table at the […]

Full Body Scanners At Airports Reaveal All

There are lot of talks about the full body scanners at airports. These new full body scanners are now becoming popular than the normal body searches that we all were once used to. These scanners, better know as ‘whole body imaging technologies‘ can see through your clothing to reveal metallic and non metallic […]

Travel Photo: Misty Waterfall On A Tropical Island

Waterfalls can be magical to watch, if you ever have the chance to catch a glimpse on your travels. I had that exact opportunity as I was on a road trip in Sri Lanka. As we were driving, I could see this from a far so we had to stop to take […]

Benefits of Ziploc Bags When You Travel

Ziploc bags are our best friend when it’s time to pack our lunches. No leaks and no spills – guaranteed. I don’t use Ziploc bags at home all that much but I find them very handy when traveling. I always slide a couple in different sizes into my suitcase or carry-on when […]