Man Convicted And Jailed For Indecency Towards An Airport Employee

How many times your mother had told you to watch your manners as a kid (hopefully not when you became an adult)? For those of you who brushed it off, let this incident in Dubai be an eye opener. This has happened in Dubai International Airport when a 34 year old British […]

Upcoming 6 Star Hotel in Knightsbridge, London

For those of you who love to be pampered when traveling, the upcoming 6 star hotel in London is the place to be. The construction site for this upcoming hotel is in prestige Knightsbridge area. It is scheduled to be opened in November 2012 with 36 luxury rooms. This 6 star hotel […]

Travel Photo: Eco-Friendly Hotel In Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Eco Friendly Hotel

If you happen to be a traveler who is also a nature lover and care about our eco system, an eco-friendly hotel like this one could be your best bet. Beautiful lush green trees, the bay filled with fish and birds all around the place would sure to give you some […]

Refreshing Fish Pedicures By Toothless Fish

Fish pedicures with fish that eat dead skin

Just when I think I’ve heard quite a few extraordinary things, I came across fish pedicures or fish foot massage. I’m sure that you would wonder what on earth is fish pedicures. Well, I was thinking the same when I first heard about it. In a nutshell, fish pedicures is a foot […]

Tag Your Own Bags At The Airport

Airlines these days seem to do less and less for passengers. At the same time they seem to put the passengers in to work. The latest travel news is that passengers will soon be asked to tag their own bags. At the moment American Airlines, Air Canada and Delta Airlines are encouraging […]