Amazing Survival Stories of Adventurous Travelers

Survival stories of life and death situations are not limited to workplace and home. They will surprise us in the mountains, at the beach or even while taking a hike in the wilderness. No matter what circumstance you get yourself into, events of survival can give you valuable insight. Survival is a […]

10 Reasons You Know It Is Time To Travel

So you are sitting at home thinking why you stick to the same old routine without taking a break from it all. You know you can use a holiday and that there is so much more in the world to explore, experience and get yourself indulge in. Can’t convince yourself yet? Here […]

5 Common Travel Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Every writer including travel writers love to become prominent contributors in no time. Especially when we start off fresh in the travel writing world. There are so many ideas and words flowing trough our heads. We always have a pen and paper or a digital device close by to jot down our thoughts. […]

Learning A Language To Help Your Travels

We all know that learning a language can be tough. Reading a 500 page book on how to speak a foreign language can be overwhelming. And if you don’t have much interest in learning a language, learning grammar and memorizing new vocabulary will not be fun either. However it would be beneficial […]

Enjoy Airport Lounges When You Travel

The first VIP airport lounge was launched in 1936 to reward the best customers of American Airlines by then Chairman – C.R Smith. Back then membership was exclusive and was under the discretion of the airline. This is an However, it has changed since. Anyone with enough money can join some of […]