Why I Travel The World…A Picture Story

We all travel the world for different reasons. Some do it to spend their annual holiday, some do it for the adventure, and others do it for the love of travel and for its beauty. I travel because nature gave me two legs so I can walk around the world, two eyes […]

Impressive Airline Amenity Kits For First Class Passengers

Top of the range airline amenity kits are airlines’ way of treating their first class passengers. Expensive aromatherapy and body butter, shampoos, pajamas and even perfumes are included in these airline amenity kits. This will for sure make that long haul flight a bit more enjoyable. However, to get these amazing airline […]

11 Commonly Misspelled City Names In USA

USA cities

How many of you have come across cities and towns with names that are quite difficult to spell? Let alone pronounce? Well if you are stuck in a city on your way to your destination, not knowing how to pronounce or spell the city name you’re currently in would be somewhat embarrassing. […]

Strange Items Left Behind At Hotel Rooms

Many of us who travel probably have left behind an umbrella, souvenir or a scarf at the hotel room. Many of us don’t even realize it until the next time we want it. Most of the time these are just minor things we can live without. However, you would be surprised to know […]

Message To Airlines & Airports: Please Treat Passengers Better

I have a love and hate relationship with airports and airlines these days. I hear crazy stories in news about passengers sleeping on floors and having to wait in lines for hours to get a boarding pass. The lack of organization and lack of information only seem to grow by the day […]