Full Body Scanners At Airports Reaveal All

There are lot of talks about the full body scanners at airports. These new full body scanners are now becoming popular than the normal body searches that we all were once used to. These scanners, better know as ‘whole body imaging technologies‘ can see through your clothing to reveal metallic and non metallic […]

Inspiring Travel Quotes

Have you come across some great travel quotes that inspire you to travel the world? They sure have for me. Traveling and writing about it is something I really enjoy. Recently I wrote my 100th post about Castles along the Rhine river in Germany. I was looking for some travel quotes today. […]

Most Amazing Runways Around The World

As you may already know, the ideal location for a runway needs ample space, endless flat ground, favorable winds and great visibility. Those are the things that make a great recipe for an A-class runway. However that might not be the case in real world, and engineers are forced to work with […]

Fourth Richest Man’s £630M House In Mumbai

Now what would I do, if I had £630 million? I can think of million things but what does Mukesh Ambani, someone with that kind of money does? Simple. Buy a house in Mumbai, India for him and his family. That is however not the ‘oh my gosh’ factor. House of Ambani […]

10 Things About Canada You Probably Didn’t Know About

As a proud Canadian allow me to tell you 10 great things about Canada. I am no expert in the historical matters however, but there are some interesting facts you might be interested in knowing. I mean, I must admit, some people already know much about Canada. For instance, former president George […]