Funny Cartoons To Make Travelers Smile

We all love to see funny cartoons, don’t we? When it comes to traveling, sometimes you have to look at the brighter side of things by putting aside the stress of travel planning. So take a look at these funny cartoons about travel. I am sure you will have a giggle or […]

Coolest Spas Around The World

So you booked yourself into one of the coolest spas you know of, the massage table is ready and you are all set for couple hours of relaxing time. Doesn’t this sound like an usual spa weekend getaway we all are used to? Sure, after oil baths and massages, we feel great, […]

Top 8 Safest Airlines To Fly In The USA

On our travel by air, we tend to choose the safest airlines to fly. In fact, traveling by airplanes has recorded the lowest rates of accidents compared to other means of transportation. Reports show that the probability of a person dying from an air plane crash is one for every 4 million […]

Which Travel Hat Do You Wear?

All of us travelers have many things in common like our luggage, sunscreen, cameras and passion for traveling. However, if we take a closer look at each traveler, we can see our motives are different. Most of the time we choose our destinations depending on that. Other times we become a certain […]

Things NOT To Do After Returning From Abroad

You have been abroad for a while and now you are back home. You have become more worldly, more cultured and very excited to share your overseas experiences with your family and friends. You feel like a changed person spiritually but everyone else is the same! And if that was not enough, […]