How Much Alcohol Should Airports And Flights Serve?

Most of us like a bit of alcohol at times maybe straight, on the rocks or as a great cocktail. This is why I buy some whiskey or vodka from the duty free shop when I travel, so I can treat the people I meet at my vacation destination. However when alcohol […]

What Makes A Great Woman Traveler?

We as women love to pack our suitcases with bathing suits and sunscreen, and go on holidays. It is exciting and fun without a doubt but what about all the life changing moments for women travelers? Needless to say some places are not safe for solo women travelers. That however doesn’t stop […]

Things I Learned While Living Abroad

In the past year and a half, I have been living abroad. The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is the country I chose. Since living here, I have been enjoying the sun-kissed beaches, soft rain and the friendly smiling people. But living here has never been easy. In fact it’s quite an emotional […]

Top Signs To Know You Are A Frequent Flyer

Some of us think we have become frequent flyers just by traveling on an airplane twice a year. That is when real frequent flyers, who flies at least twice a month laugh at us. In order to consider oneself a frequent flyer, it takes a lot more than the collected 100,000 air […]

Tune Up Your Travels With Music

What is it that we never forget when traveling? Besides the clothes of course. Well, it’s easy…music. We all need something to listen to while waiting in transit or on the ten hour plane ride. We know the plane music is not the greatest. So if you have your iPod and your […]